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Law office Rheinpatent Kodron & Mackert GbR

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We have been active as a patent law firm for intellectual property protection since 1967 with our main office in Mainz.

Since 2021 we have opened a branch in Cologne-Deutz to expand our offering along the Rhine.

We are YOUR CONTACT FOR all matters relating to intellectual property protection, nationally and internationally.

Our clients consist of small and medium-sized businesses from home and abroad, start-ups and individual inventors and value our experience and individual advice.

A focus of our law firm is on TRADEMARK LAW - here we offer you careful support from the review of the first brand idea to the registered trademark and beyond.

In PATENT LAW, we represent many in the areas of mechanical engineering, agricultural technology, electrical engineering, food technology, biology and technology for everyday life.


Our patent law firm offers you comprehensive advice and representation of your interests to protect your innovative ideas – in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

We have a proven network of qualified foreign correspondent lawyers so that we can secure your developments in your target markets.

We will discuss with you in detail, understandably and in a cost-benefit-oriented manner the path from your idea to obtaining the appropriate intellectual property right - ask us your questions!

With regard to all intellectual property rights, we offer:

  • PRELIMINARY RESEARCH to evaluate your idea
  • STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT to secure your innovation nationally and internationally
  • PREPARATION OF APPLICATION DOCUMENTS so that your invention idea is correctly formulated in the “language of intellectual property rights”.
  • MONITORING of intellectual property rights, including those of your competitors
  • ADVICE and REPRESENTATION OF YOUR INTERESTS, for example if you: have received a warning based on an industrial property right.


We rely on a personal, trusting and long-term relationship with our clients.

As your representatives, we are the link between you and the responsible authorities and courts, so that you know that the administration of your intellectual property rights is in safe hands.

Our advice is comprehensive, honest, understandable, strategic and resource-oriented. Expenses for intellectual property rights must be justified and we will communicate any costs incurred in advance so that you can plan better.

We conduct further training on a regular basis because law is not static and decisions that make business sense should be based on current case law.

Of course, we are obliged to maintain confidentiality and stick to it.

As qualified patent attorneys, we are interested in new technical developments and offer you a complementary look at your invention idea.

Contact us for an initial consultation!


Unsere Kanzlei bietet umfassende Beratungsdienste für unsere Mandantschaft in ganz Deutschland an. Wir sind stets bemüht, persönliche Treffen an unseren Standorten in Mainz und Köln anzubieten oder uns gerne auch zu Ihnen an den Unternehmenssitz zu begeben. Darüber hinaus stehen wir Ihnen für Telefon- und/oder Videokonferenztermine zur Verfügung. Als engagierte Anwaltskanzlei nehmen wir aktiv an den Erfinderberatungstagen der Industrie- und Handelskammern Rheinhessen, Wiesbaden, Kaiserslautern, Köln, Leverkusen und Rhein-Erft teil, um Sie als Patentanwalt bestmöglich zu unterstützen.


You can find our contact information here, or use the form on the contact page.

We are also welcome to communicate with each other via video conferences.

Use us as experienced experts in trademark protection and all other intellectual property rights to develop a protection strategy tailored to you or your company.

Law office Rheinpatent
Kodron & Mackert GbR

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Law office Rheinpatent
Kodron & Mackert GbR

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